Thursday, April 9, 2015

Junk Food Galore:)

I know this little entry doesn't have anything to do with my first and at some point today I'll finish that one but I'm hungry. I want some serious junk food. You know a nice juicy burger with the fries on the side. Also, I need bacon, I mean really how can I get a burger without the bacon. Just typing got my mouth watering. My cycle is supposed to start soon that could be why I want the junk or I could just be fat.

Side Note: I need new boots. Mines are about to start talking to me and no shoe should talk unless they're flip flops.

Back to the food though, I need it bad. Once I'm off I think I'll make a stop on my way home. I will however have to eat it before I get in the house because my two lovely dogs Jane and Austin (yes I know) will be all in my face.

Well I just wanted to vent some. Work day is almost done then I'm heading out.

Later Babez
(for my Fifty Shades of Grey fans, even I think she spelled it differently)

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